Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Deadly Attraction Receives 5 Cups and Recommended Read Award!

I've said it before and I'll say it again! It's always nice when a reader "gets" what you're trying to do with a story.
When I submitted the proposal for Deadly Attraction to my editor, I was nervous that I was making too big a leap into a post-apocalyptic world that would be difficult to describe and inhabit with characters, including paranormal ones.
I didn't want a vampire or a werewolf romance, but I did want one involving a demon. A very powerful demon. The ultimate in kick-ass, take-names and to-hell-with-the-consequences demons. I sort of ended up with that. Yet, I also breathed life into a demon plagued by a haunting conscience, a burning desire to right his wrongs, and a never-ending attraction to a woman wholly off limits to him--a human.
Darien is the king of demons. As such, he's as hot and hunky and larger-than-life as you'd expect from a hero of his magnitude. Jade is a natural leader in the human village that sits in the shadow of the demon kingdom. But it's not until she and Darien finally meet that she realizes her destiny is infinitely greater than anything she'd imagined for herself.
So... I was relieved my editor responded in the positive when it came to my proposal. I was shocked, however, when she began discussing the word count, recommending a minimum of 100,000 words. *Gulp* My longest novel to date was Devil in Texas, at 88k. And that had been a challenge for me, since I'm comfortable in the 30-50k range.
But when I gave serious thought to what it would take to write this book, I realized it had to be a super-plus novel in order to encompass this world I envisioned following demon warfare. I would have to explain to my readers the nuances of the current state of affairs, which incorporate past decades with new facets of life under demonic rule.
I am pleased to say I survived writing this book. Though, there were agonizing days when I wasn't so sure I'd pull through. Ha, ha.
The end result is a labor of love. I truly am happy I endured the lengthy word count so that I could make this book as rich as I possibly could. And leave enough strings for a sequel. ;-)
Coffee Times Romances has given Deadly Attraction not only a 5 Cup rating, but the very lovely above-and-beyond-a-5-Cup-review recognition of the Coffee Time Romances Recommended Read Award!
Reviewer Delane says:
"Jade has spent most of her life looking over her shoulder and locking her heart away from everyone. The death of her parents taught her that demons were bad, but she is finding she may have made a hasty decision.
The Demon King Darien has watched Jade for many years and the yearning is becoming more than he can deny. When danger visits her door he must decide whether to protect her, or his people.
The world has changed since the war between the paranormal and humans. It is time for the world to make another change or the war will visit once again. Darien and Jade are unlikely allies but are unable to deny the feelings for each other, though they are dooming themselves to a lifetime of heartache; or is there another way?
The witty repertoire among the characters makes Deadly Attraction a joy to read. I fell in love with Darien and found Jade to be his perfect match. The romance is sizzling and the love scenes sublime. I am so hoping to see more of the secondary characters and to find out how the paranormal and humans learn to live together. Ms. Fox provides the perfect ending to such a wonderful story. I highly recommend Deadly Attraction to all paranormal enthusiasts."
The e-book is on sale here for all formats: Deadly Attraction by Calista Fox


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